Indoor Home Projects

The winter winds are blowing, there are no holidays to celebrate, and you’re stuck inside. What to do besides binge watching your favorite show? Work on your house! Here are 10 indoor home projects to keep you busy this winter.

1. Change your kitchen hardware. Just this little change can give your kitchen a facelift. Make sure to choose the right size to cover where old hardware will have marked the wood. You may want to buy 2-3 kinds (just one set) to take home and see which you like best.

2. Replace your blinds and window treatment. Use white/light fabrics and materials to allow in plenty of light and keep rooms feeling open. Dark colors will block light and make rooms feel closed in. Make the most use of the short days with airy window treatments.

3. Change up your wall hangings and photos. This can be as simple as printing your favorite photos and hanging them in nice frames. Or hit the home store and find new wall decorations to change the look of your rooms. You can use these to create color themes in each room.

4. Add throws, pillows and rugs. Use new colors to freshen up old spaces and used furniture. Choose soft fabrics and different textures to create warmth and interest. Try a mix of solids and patterns to brighten up any room.

5. Bring in the outdoors with plants and flowers. Whether using real or faux, you can bring life to your home with greens and colors. So many home stores carry beautiful faux plants and arrangements to set in corners, on counters, and on tables or mantles.

6. Change bedding. Chances are you’ve had the same bedding for years and it’s getting pretty drab. Find warm, cozy sheets and a new comforter set to brighten up your room. Throw pillows can add color and softness too. Add a fleece blanket for those cold nights and you’ll have an even harder time getting up in the morning! 

7. Make an accent wall. You can go as simple as painting one wall with a color, such as dark gray, navy blue or mint green. Or you can fancy it up with a shiplap wall! There are many colors and styles to choose from, including natural wood tones or grays. Find DIY instructions online.

8. Install a closet organizer. Imagine a closet with all your clothing and shoes organized and easy to find! There are many options available online from full systems for large closets to draw and shelf inserts for small closets. This would be a great time to sort through your items and donate unused clothing.

9. Update your lighting. Nothing makes a room like the lighting. You may need to replace outdated light fixtures or just add more lights to soften spaces. Start with the main light(s) then add ambient lighting with lamps and wall sconces. Use a combination of brightness levels and warmth for different moods and times of day.

10. Catch up on repair and maintenance. This may not be fun, but think of all the little things that have been bugging you – worn out weather stripping around a door, a stain on the ceiling, a loose cabinet knob, a hole in the wall, replacing the furnace filter, etc. Winter is a great time to get all those pesky little projects out of the way!

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