Is Winter a Good Time to Sell My Home?

Many home sellers hold off until spring to list their home for sale, but would winter be a good time to sell your home? Here are several considerations if you are thinking of selling your home during the winter months.

Less housing inventory. 

Typically there are less listings during the winter and fewer choices for home buyers. Many home sellers wait until spring or summer to list their home. During winter you will have less competition with other home sellers. This can put your home front and center among homes for sale! Your listing will not get lost among many others and will be one of few choices for home buyers.

Winter home buyers are motivated.

Buyers who are looking during the cold winter months need a home. They are motivated to find a home and are choosing from limited inventory. Most buyers prefer warm weather to traipse around from showing to showing. If they are looking during the winter, they really are ready to buy. Tap into these motivated home buyers by selling your home in the winter.

Tips for selling in the winter.

Winter is cold and darkness comes early. Make your home warm, brightly lit, and safe for buyers coming to showings.

1) Pay attention to outside walks and drives. Clear ice and snow for easy access.

2) Turn on both interior and exterior lights for a warm, charming glow as buyers pull up to your home.

3) Turn up your heat so your home is warm as chilly buyers enter your door. 

4) Add a yummy scent such as vanilla or apple right before a showing (if using candles, remember to blow out before leaving).

5) Provide shoe coverings for buyers inside your door who may have wet or muddy shoes during this season.

Create curb appeal in the winter.

Winter landscape tends to be drab, but you can make your entrance inviting for home buyers! Here are five ways to create curb appeal in the winter:

1. Add a colorful doormat.

2. Place winter planters by the door.

3. Hang a wreath on the door.

4. Replace house numbers.

5. Add lighting to your porch (such as a lantern or battery candles).

Complications for selling your home in the winter.

The winter season presents several challenges for home sellers. The weather can bring snow and ice. Days are short and sunset comes early. And there are fewer buyers looking.

All of these complications can be managed, however, for a good selling experience. First, keep your driveway and walks free and clear of snow so buyers have no problem accessing your home. Make sure all of your lights are working inside and outside, and consider adding some extra lights to any dark areas so your home is well lit. And know that fewer buyers mean motivated buyers! 

You can have a good selling experience even in the winter. Contact me with any questions on how to prepare your home for a great winter presentation. Your home can shine for those motivated home buyers!


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