5 Tips to Decorating Your Porch, Patio, or Deck

Ahhh, there’s nothing better than summer evenings outdoors drinking lemonade, playing games, and grilling. You can turn a boring porch, patio, or deck into an entertainment area where everyone wants to gather. Forget plain concrete or decking and bag chairs. Turn your outdoor area into a comfy space with colorful seating, lush plants, twinkling lights, and fire features. Check out these tips to help you turn your boring space into ohhh-la-la!

1. Start with an outdoor rug. A rug makes an outdoor space warm and inviting, and feels great on your bare feet! (Your pooches will like it, too!) There are so many colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from. You can work off the rug to colors to coordinate your furniture and other decor items. It’s a great way to add an outdoor “room” without walls and create boundaries to arrange your furniture around. 

2. Choose your furnishings. Work with the amount of space you have. How many pieces can you comfortably fit in? Do you need a dining table, or do you prefer a sofa and chairs? Once you have your big pieces chosen, fill in with smaller items, such as side tables and accent chairs. Of course, the fun part is picking colorful pillows to accent your rug. Choose a variety of sizes and shapes for comfy sitting and lounging.

3. Add layered lighting. Now that your furniture is set up, where can you place lights? Look for ways to add layered lighting to create different moods. Set it up so you have lots of light for big parties, or soft lights for late night conversations. Porch lights, outdoor lamps, and overhead lights can provide brighter light. Things like string lights and lanterns give a softer glow. 

4. Stack with plants. Soften your outdoor space and create some magic with a variety of plants. Choose different sizes and textures, such as floor ferns, hanging trailing baskets, pots with bright begonias, and so on. Place them at varying heights to catch the eye. You can use a variety of planter styles to accent your furnishings and rug.

5. Turn up the heat. Evenings can turn cool when the sun goes down. Add some warmth with a fire pit. There are so many styles and sizes, wood burning or gas, that there is certainly one to fit your style. Plus, who doesn’t want to make smores! If you live in a colder region, you may also want to check out propane patio heaters to extend your outdoor fun.

Once you get all of these essential elements in place, you can add fun extras like a sound system, a mini fridge, or even a DIY hot tub! Don’t let another summer go by without loving your porch, patio, or deck!

And if you don’t love where you live, let’s fix that! Call me for your free professional consultation and strategy session.


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