Nervous to Sell?

Record low inventory. Multiple offers. Bidding wars. Of course you’re nervous about selling your home! You may be wondering if you’ll be able to find a replacement home or, what if you sell, where would you go, what would you do if you couldn’t find a home, do you still have to sell? 

The good news is, there are many strategies that allow you to sell your home in this incredible seller’s market for top dollar and still find your perfect new home without becoming homeless. 

We are going to look at 4 strategies that might work for you.

1. Contingent on Finding Suitable Housing

We can list your home contingent upon you finding a home of choice within a certain time.  So this way we can secure a buyer and you don’t have to sell your home if you don’t find the home of your dreams. This is great because there is so much less stress this way, you won’t feel like you’ve got to just choose a home that you don’t love, and the offer you make on your replacement home will look stronger because you’re already under contract.  

2. Rent Back Option

A rent back is when after you sell your home, you remain in the property and rent from the new owner for a period of time. This way you have the funds to purchase a new home, maybe even enough to make a cash offer, so your offer is much more likely to get accepted. This will take the stress and worry away. Now there are terms to navigate, and negotiations that need to be considered, but all of this can be determined before going under contract. 

3. New Construction

One solution is to look at new construction. New construction is on the rise. There are several communities locally that are building new homes. It’s super important to work with an agent when purchasing new construction so that you have protection and someone to represent your best interests. There are several phases of construction and you could find a home now that you wouldn’t move into until a later date. You could put a deposit on a new home and you could work with a buyer to negotiate terms that keep you in your current home until your new build is ready.

4. Short Term Financing

Depending upon your situation and the amount of equity in your home, you may be qualified for short term financing. This could include a bridge/swing loan or a home equity line of credit. This allows you to purchase a home using your current home’s equity. Then once you close on your new home, you sell your current home and pay off the financing. 

Each person’s situation is unique, but there are many strategies to use to sell your current home and find your dream home! If you have any questions, please reach out to me. I would love to help.

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