Create Your 7 Must-Haves for Your New Home

You’re ready to start looking for a home! There are so many details to consider that it can feel overwhelming. Before you start looking at homes, it’s helpful to create a “must have” list. You also want to know what the deal breakers are for you. There’s no reason to go see a home if it simply won’t work for you. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Location – do you need to commute to work or school? Do you want to be within walking distance to restaurants and shops? Do you have to stay in a certain school district? You may want to be in an established neighborhood, or downtown, or even a new development. Location is usually one of the most important factors in a home purchase.
  2. Number of bedrooms and bathrooms – choose the minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you must have. This will allow you to consider more homes that may be great overall, but are limited with bedroom and bathroom space. Can you live with one bathroom? If not, know your minimum requirements.
  3. Renovations vs move in ready – are you handy or have family members who are? Do you have extra money to spend on your new home? Maybe you can handle painting, but not replacing a roof. Repairs and renovation expenses, as well as your skill and free time, are things to consider as you’re looking at homes. 
  4. Age and style of home – an older home typically has more maintenance and repair costs than a newer home. However, you can’t replicate the character of many old homes. Are you willing to live in an older home because you like the style or location? Is there an age you won’t go beyond, like nothing older than 20 years? 
  5. Garage and parking space – do you want indoor parking space connected to the home, maybe even a workshop or an additional detached garage? Do you have a lot of drivers in your family who need parking space? Not all homes have an abundance of parking. Some parking is limited or requires backing onto the road to get out. Keep this in mind as you’re looking.
  6. Size of yard/lot – depending on your age and situation you may want a big yard or a small yard! You may need space for kids and dogs to run and play. You may want a maintenance-free yard so you don’t have to spend your weekends doing yard work. You may want someone else to mow your lawn. You may want trees or sun. These are all factors to keep in mind.
  7. Detached vs semi detached – whether you want a home that stands alone or is connected to another home is your preference. You may dream of privacy with your own home and space. Or you may feel more comfortable in a connected home with people around. 

All of this criteria is important to decide and pass on to your realtor. Make sure you choose your minimum requirements. You want to view a broad range of homes and if your search is too narrow it will eliminate some homes that could be good for you. Of course, your budget will dictate some of your criteria as well, but knowing your must haves and deal breakers is a great way to start.

Want to be set up on your own unique search with all of your criteria? Want to be notified as soon as a home matching your criteria hits the MLS? Let me know! I can get you set up in a few minutes and you never have to worry about missing a house again!


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