Timeless Features for Your Home

When I take buyers through a home, there are certain elements that always bring a favorable response. These timeless features will help attract buyers when you’re ready to sell, and help your home maintain and increase in value.

1. Hardwood Floors – Hardwood floors can be refinished with different stains and finishes to fit any style. They bring beauty and quality to a home, and can last for decades or even centuries. There’s nothing that says “Wow” like gleaming hardwood floors.

2. Natural Stone – Granite countertops, tile backsplash, and marble shower walls are all examples of natural stone that are sure to please. Not only is stone durable, but it adds luxury to any space. Even if used in small amounts, natural stone enhances a home.

3. Fireplace – A fireplace is a wonderful focal point to any room. It is easily updated with new doors, tile, or paint. A fireplace brings warmth and class to a room. Many buyers add a fireplace to their wishlist.

4. Crown Moulding – Crown moulding accents any room and adds elegance. Whether simple or elaborate, crown moulding brings the finishing touch to a room. This extra detail shows a home owner’s care and pride in their home.

5. Natural Light – Homes that allow in natural light through large windows, patio doors, and skylights are bright and inviting. Rooms feel more spacious with cheery sunlight pouring in. Keep this in mind when replacing doors and windows, or putting on room additions.

These timeless features increase a home’s desirability. Whether buying or selling a home, these are features to look for. They will add enjoyment and value to your home for years to come.

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