Stop Renting & Become A Homeowner

What is so frustrating about renting? Not allowed to have a pet. Can’t decorate the way you want. Not allowed to put a garden in your backyard. Can’t have people stay with you. Probably at the top of the list is wasting $$$!!! Just think about it. Multiply the amount you spend each month by 12 to find out how much you are throwing away in one year. Now multiply that number by 5 to find out how much money you will lose in 5 years if you don’t get into home ownership!

For example, if your monthly mortgage is $1,200, you will pay $14,400 in one year to your landlord. Over five years that adds up to $72,000! You are throwing that money away instead of paying your own mortgage on your own home. 

You probably also heard that interest rates are at record lows. This makes a huge impact on monthly interest amounts and monthly payment. Chances are you can buy a great house that you love with monthly payments similar to what you are paying for rent. 

So, let’s get you into your own home! Here’s how we start:

  1. Fix Credit. Check your credit and make sure there’s nothing there that will keep you from getting a mortgage, or damage your credit score. If you don’t know where to start, a good lender can check your credit and give you steps to get it fixed.
  1. Save for Closing Costs. It costs some money to buy a home. Save, save, save! You may also be able to get help from your family or even the sellers. Give yourself a head start by saving.
  1. Check Lease Terms. Understand your lease. When does it end? Can you go month-to-month and does that affect the monthly rent amount? Also find out how much notice you have to give to end your lease.
  1. Get Your Pre-Approval. This is when your lender checks your credit, debt, and income to figure out how much you can spend on a house. The lender then gives you a “pre-approval letter” and you can start looking for a home.

I’m here to walk with you every step of the way. Please contact me with any questions. I can also put you in touch with trusted lenders. Let’s get you into your own home!


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