Spooky House Tour

I’m not superstitious and not one to think often about the paranormal, but there are times I feel ill at ease and feel the hair stand up on the back of my neck. It could be when I’m alone inside of a house, especially one that is old and creaky, or when I open up a closet at an estate sale and find an old doll or teddy bear staring back at me. I’ve had a handful of times where I, or my clients, have definitely experienced something spooky. Here are three happenings to put you in the Halloween mood!

Somebody doesn’t want us here!

My clients were considering downsizing into a smaller home that was all one floor living. We had looked at several homes and they decided to tour a home in a retirement community. I set up the showing and met them at the house. I remember the smell and the green carpet. We looked around then went to the basement. After checking it out briefly, the wife and I went back upstairs. A few minutes later the husband came running upstairs and out the door to the driveway. He was white as a ghost. We quickly followed him outside and asked what was wrong. He was visibly shaken and could hardly talk. He told us that a voice told him very strongly, “Get out! Get out!” Well, it didn’t take us long to get off of that property!

We’re not alone.

I once had a very interesting client, an older lady I had to pick up and drive around. She was quite peculiar and had all kinds of demands on her home list. I was used to her turning around and leaving a house because of a smell, etc. Well, one day we were touring an old home that was in pretty nice condition and things were going okay. Then we went to the second floor to check out the bedrooms. Suddenly she jumped and said, “There are spirits in here!” I was standing in the hallway and actually felt the breeze of something passing me by. Now, I’m not superstitious, but that day I didn’t wait around to find out who was in the house with us!

Don’t disturb our home.

My clients bought a cute old home in a small town that needed lots of work. They were excited to remodel the house and turn it into a warm home. As they began to work on the home, strange things happened. Stacks of wood in the upstairs bedroom where they were working moved from one side to the other. Doors opened and closed. One time when he had the wall open and was working, he felt a hand on his shoulder. When he looked back, no one was there. During the course of remodeling they had many instances of “spirits” occupying the home. They even saw a phantom cat appearing. Once the walls were sealed up and the work completed, everything quieted down.

Have you had spooky experiences? Would you want to live in a “haunted” house?