Sell Your Home Fast & for the Most Money

If you haven’t heard, real estate took off as soon as the shutdown lifted like a kid waiting in line for a go-kart ride. Summer is the new “spring” market. Pent-up demand from buyers and sellers is driving the market forward at a fast pace!

The best case scenario for a seller is to receive multiple offers on their property and be under contract in a few days. This sounds easy with the high buyer demand, but buyers are pretty darn picky when it comes to home buying. Move-in ready homes are the ones that draw the most interest and the highest market value.

It may take some elbow grease and a little money to whip your property into shape, but it’s worth it. You want to create a lot of interest and get as many buyers as possible submitting offers to purchase. Here are some tips to make that happen.

  1. Nobody wants to buy something that’s broken. Make repairs from small things, like a nonworking bathroom fan, to large things, like an A/C unit that’s on borrowed time. Not only will deferred maintenance prompt a lower offer, but home inspections are common. Needed repairs on the inspection report give room for the buyer to negotiate.
  2. Nobody wants an ugly house. Try to look at your home through the eyes of a buyer. You are used to the stain on the carpet and the blue walls in the kid’s bedroom, the yellow countertop and the ring in the bathtub. Buyers want NICE. Most likely you’re going to have to paint, replace flooring, add new fixtures, etc. Don’t overimprove, but putting money in to update your home means getting more money back.
  3. Nobody wants to see your clutter. Photos, souvenirs, and knicknacks are just the starting point. Shoes, toiletries, coffee maker, toys, etc., are all things to put away. Countertops and tables should be completely cleared off. Other items can be put into crates to fit under beds or in closets. The less clutter, the larger the rooms appear.
  4. Nobody wants to schedule a showing if your online photos are bad. Most buyers decide which homes to go see based on the photos they see online. If the photos are dark or blurry, they don’t portray your home in the best light. Work with a realtor who utilizes a professional photographer. The difference is amazing.
  5. Nobody wants to miss out on a great house. With so many buyers in competition, your home may fare well with a “coming soon” status for a week. This allows more buyers to become aware of your property for sale and not miss an opportunity to see it. This status is good for certain locations and styles of homes. Talk to your realtor about the best approach.
  6. Nobody wants to overpay for their home. Even if your home is nice, if it’s priced above the competition, chances are you will sit on it. If your home needs work, is “unique”, or has some other flaw, be prepared to keep the price modest. 

As a seller, I would encourage you to go online and look at homes for sale that are similar to yours. Look at the interior and exterior photos. Pay attention to how clean a home looks and how updated it is. How does your home compare? What would you want to see as a buyer? Be realistic about what work your home needs, what you are willing to do, and how the price will reflect that condition. Getting your home market ready gives you the best chance to sell it fast and for the most money.


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