5 Tips to Turn Your Home Into a HOT Property

Watching homes fly off the market? See a For Sale sign go up and 2 days later it’s under contract? So, you think, maybe I should sell now! I’ll get so much money for my house!

Well, YES, but you don’t want to just sell your home. You want back-to-back showings, multiple offers, and over list price! You want to get the MOST money for your home. Here are 5️ tips to turn your home into a HOT property that buyers will fight for. The nicer your home, the more buyer appeal, and the more $$$.

Not sure where to start? I’ll help you! I’ll walk through and give you advice on the most important updates to do before listing your home. Don’t just sell your home. Sell your home for the most money! (And talk to me about my incredible marketing strategy.)

Here are 5 tips to turn your home into a HOT property that buyers will fight for!

  1. Fresh paint. Don’t let drab walls underwhelm your buyers. Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls. Paint the woodwork and trim. Touch up the doors. Use paint that is light and bright and airy. Something as simple as paint can change the whole look of your home.
  2. Update lighting. First, make sure all your bulbs are replaced and working. If you have outdated light fixtures, replace them with trendy ones that will grab the buyer’s attention. New, updated light fixtures will transform your Grandma’s special into a gotta-have-it home.
  3. Fix flooring. Flooring makes a huge impact on your home. It’s one of the first things that buyers notice when they walk into a home. Have your carpet cleaned or replaced if it’s dirty and old. Update vinyl with a new look, and sand and refinish hardwood floors. Knock buyers socks off with spectacular floors.
  4. Touch up the exterior. Clean up flower beds, put down mulch, and trim trees and bushes. If your shutters are faded, give them a fresh coat of paint. Set a few pots of nice flowers near the entrance or on your patio to add a pop of color
  5. Declutter and clean. And right before you list you home, declutter! Clean off all countertops and tables, put away knick knacks and personal items. Think vacation rental home – make your home open, clean, and bright.

Take advantage of this incredible seller’s market. Turn your home into a hot property and watch buyers fight over it.